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Venezuelan American national bar association

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Official launch of venambar

Dear colleagues and friends:

We want to thank you for attending the kick-off ceremony of the Venezuelan American National Bar Association. Thanks to your participation and that of 160 other attendees, the event was a complete success! We welcome each one of you to become members of our organization and look forward to your active participation! We will keep you posted about our future events. We look forward to seeing you again at VENAMBAR’s upcoming events.

Apr 5th, 2017. MIAMI, FL .-  The Venezuelan American National Bar Association (VENAMBAR) condemns the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s March 29th decisions Nos. 155 and 156, and later revisions, which usurp the powers of the democratically elected National Assembly. The decisions not only violate the Venezuelan Constitution, which guarantees the separation and independence of powers between the different branches of government, but also patently break away from traditional democratic values, and ultimately deny the Venezuelan people the right to shape their country’s future through democratically elected legislative representatives.

VENAMBAR repudiates these actions by the Venezuelan Supreme Court which curtail the legislative power without affording any checks and balances to the other branches of government, and which constitute a serious setback for democracy in Venezuela. VENAMBAR further calls on the Venezuelan Government to respect the rule of law and the principle of the separation of powers, human rights, and non-interference between equally legitimate powers, which are all essential principles of democracy.

 The Venezuelan American National Bar Association


  • Aug 27, 2013 - Prof. Gomez interviewed about the launch of VENAMBAR, the Venezuelan American National Bar Association, Florida International University, Faculty News 

  • Aug 15, 2013 - Miami attorneys form first Venezuelan American Bar Association, South Florida Business Journal.
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Member Update – July 31st, 2017

Dear friends, members, and associates of Venambar,

We are pleased to provide you with the following update from the Board of Directors with reference to the recent activities of Venambar in response to the ongoing situation in Venezuela:

•          In April 2017, Venambar condemned the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decisions which usurped the powers of the democratically elected National Assembly. Venambar called on the Venezuelan Government to respect the rule of law, the principles of the separation of powers, human rights, and non-interference between equally legitimate powers, which are all essential principles of democracy.

•          In May 2017, in support and solidarity with the Venezuelan community in Miami, Venambar, along with other organizations, hosted two prayer services for liberty and peace in Venezuela.

•          In July 2017, Venambar called upon 30 embassies in Washington, D.C. and consular offices in Miami including: Brazil, Ecuador, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico, to condemn the ongoing and escalating violence as a violation of human rights, to grant freedom to political prisoners, and to respect the will of the people of Venezuela.

•            More recently, on July 28th, 2017, Venambar submitted a petition to President Donald Trump and the Secretary of Homeland Security for the consideration of a grant of TPS (“Temporary Protected Status”) for Venezuelan nationals in the United States under Section 244(b)(1) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  TPS is a temporary measure which would allow eligible individuals to obtain employment authorization for the period in which the TPS designation is valid, usually up to 18 months.  TPS does not lead to permanent resident status or citizenship in the United States; additionally, the petition has not yet been approved so Venezuelan nationals are NOT eligible for TPS status at this time.  

For additional information and to sign the petition, please visit: http://www.venambar.com/tps-for-venezuela.html

How can you help? 

We need the IMMEDIATE support of the Venambar membership to sign the petition and also share it with contacts through Facebook, Twitter, email, and others.  It is very important to create awareness of the crisis which has affected the people of Venezuela.  With your assistance, we can reach the minimum 100,000 signatures required in 30 days for the consideration of this petition by President Trump and the Secretary of Homeland Security. #TPSForVenezuela

We are also seeking a team of dedicated and committed volunteers who can assist with social media and other communications in support of this TPS initiative.  Students and young professionals, regardless of any professional background are welcome to volunteer!

We thank you for your continued support to Venambar.  Should you require additional information or to volunteer with the organization, please contact: venambar@gmail.com.

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