Venezuelan American national bar association


Founding Members Committee

E. Adriana Kostencki
Alexandra Paquin 

Daniel Vielleville

Jaime Guttman
Jorge Guttman
J. Eloy Anzola 
Manuel Gómez

Oscar E. Diaz 

Thomas Pate


Events Committee

Foreign Attorneys Committee

Membership Committee

​Judicial Committee

In-house Counsel Committee

Student Committee

Our purpose

  • To encourage, promote and defend freedom of thought, equality and fraternity among its members.
  • To advocate for the rights and values ​​of the Venezuelan community in the United States.
  • To disseminate the values ​​and principles of the Common Law system among the Venezuelan community in the United States.
  • To promote the study and research of  American law and its interaction with Venezuelan law.
  • To group, in a single institution, lawyers (members of a bar association in the United States), law students, and Venezuelan and foreign lawyers linked to the United States who have an interest in Venezuelan issues.
  • To promote the interaction of Venezuelan lawyers with members of the judiciary in the United States.
  • ​To promote the interaction among Venezuelans lawyers, American lawyers and lawyers from other nationalities.
  • ​To develop relationships with American universities for the purpose of sponsoring professional development courses for members of the Association.
  • ​Such other and further not-for-profit purposes as the Board of Directors shall determine, but the Association will not provide direct services to Members.